Our Uniqueness


We are integrated oil and gas servicing and consulting firm with strong expertise in Petroleum Geosciences and Engineering, to provide top-notch professional consulting services to the upstream Oil and gas businesses on a global scale. Ours is to bridge the gaps existing between traditional service providers and customer’s expectations, especially on products quality.

The company prides itself in its array of the best and highly experienced professionals in the oil industry with a global pedigree.

  • Our team comprises of professional who have successfully contributed to the oil and gas industry in the last two to three decades.
  • We have extensive experience in the Nigerian Niger Delta including major petroleum provinces mainly in conventional reservoirs.
  • We offer services in the different areas of petroleum reservoir studies, capacity building, field development planning, production optimization, resourcing, training, mentoring, assets management etc.
  • Incorporated in Nigeria in 2019 with offices in Lagos and Houston

  • Aggregation of the expertise of highly skilled Nigerian E&P professionals with global and diverse upstream backgrounds and experiences spanning over three to four decades

  • The IPS management and technical team have over 150 years hands-on experience and delivery of frontline world class projects across exploration, development and production scales

  • Our goal is to create a difference in the E&P service delivery value chain while maximizing returns on investment and guaranteed clients satisfaction

Our Core Services

Key Services

Integrated Subsurface Evaluation

Field Development strategies, Identifying new Opportunities, Infill/Exploration Upsides, Farm-in/Farm-out, ...

Geological & Geophysical Studies

Subsurface mapping, 3D Geological modelling, Reservoir characterization, Integrated trap evaluation, ...

Petrophysical Evaluation

Computerized log evaluation, Core analysis and special core analysis, Integration of log and core data, ...

Reservoir Engineering

Reservoir Simulation studies, Enhanced recovery studies, PVT studies, Depletion studies, ...

Reserve/Reservoir Assessment

Reserve evaluation and auditing, Reserve auditing, Secondary/ Enhanced recovery studies, ...

Integrated Production Studies

Integrated asset modelling, Productive capacity studies, Workover studies and recommendations, ...

Reserve/Reservoir Assessment

Reserve evaluation and auditing, Reserve auditing, Secondary/ Enhanced recovery studies, ...


Our Management Team

Taye Akewusola

(Principal Consultant/ Managing Partner)

A distinguished Geoscientist and a trailblazing top tier Oil/gas value-chain expert having successfully led several giant projects across Exploration, development, and production settings.

Engr. Onengiye G. Bruce

Principal Partner

A seasoned Oil & Gas Industry Professional who retired from the services of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, Research and Development Division in 2020, after a successful career that spans for 35 years.

Henry Ogunnusi

(M.Sc.) Principal Partner

A seasoned professional with 20 years’ experience in petroleum geoscience.

Rotimi F. Ogunlowo

Reservoir Engineering Consultant

Has over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, 26 years of which was with Mobil Producing Nigeria (an affiliate of ExxonMobil Corporation).