IPS is an integrated oil and gas servicing and consulting firm with strong expertise in Petroleum Geosciences and Engineering, to provide top-notch professional consulting services to the upstream Oil and gas businesses on a global scale. Ours is to bridge the gaps existing between traditional service providers and customer’s expectations, especially on products quality. The company prides itself in its array of some of the best and highly experienced professionals in the oil industry with a global pedigree. Our team comprises of professional who have successfully contributed to the oil and gas industry in the last two to three decades. This is a team of accomplished professionals that have clearly demonstrated competencies in the integrated asset management and field optimization. We are well-grounded in basins exploration and overall life-cycle asset optimization, field reconnaissance and depletion planning. We have extensive experience in the Nigerian Niger Delta including major petroleum provinces mainly in conventional reservoirs. We have the expertise to carry out commercial evaluations to support mergers, acquisitions and divestment activities.

We offer services in the different areas of petroleum reservoir studies, capacity building, field development planning, production optimization, resourcing, training, mentoring, assets management etc.


Mission Statement

To continuously deploy best in class tool kits, global best practices, and cutting-edge technologies to meet growing need for a real-time dynamic and precision-based projects execution and client’s satisfaction.


Vision Statement

To maximize stakeholders’ value, through sustainable and integrated subsurface solutions with full view of assets potential and associated uncertainties


Core Value

Real-time Business Results

Resources are optimized and appropriately deployed to meet immediate clients’ business needs

Flawless Project Execution

With focus on quality, efficiency and application of cutting-edge technology, we can deliver products to meet and exceed client’s expectations